Monday, January 4, 2016

More than Butterfly wings

I'm just a future butterfly
Sitting here in my cacoon.
I'm growing stretching, moving toward being greater than the moon

Others see a snake egg
Others just a rock
It doesnt bother me
for I know who I am as I take my stock
A person of great worth to God, For He sent His only Son
I am worth more than  their vile thoughts.
a broken vessel here to dwell to somehow heal myself
He helps and points to broken pieces
He helps me with control
He helps me remake the broken
He helps me see the others who
are more than they think they could be.

There eyes see only outside, He see's the entire me
I know  what I mean to Him and what I'm meant to be

I'm worth the pain He went through
I'm worth the continued search
I'm worth more than any precious gold
That you could find here on this earth.

For I am more than Butterfly wings
and pretty little spots
I'm more than flutters in the wind
I'm more than what you thought
I'm more than what the others say, or think or feel toward me
I'm trying to be what my Heavenly Father meant when He planted me

I'm more than just a little butterfly
growing stretching,being more than just mere thought
Heavenly Beings up above, who saw what I could be
planted me; pruned me; grew me; into something more than what you see.